Terms and conditions


All our prices are mentioned in euros with all taxes included. They can be changed at any time without previous notice.

They include transportation, highway tolls and parking fees, insurance, the guide and the wine tastings when planned in the itinerary booked. The other expenses as monuments and museum entrance fees, meals, extra or special request wine tastings as well as any extra fee are only included when mentioned.

Any changes in the itinerary or modification of the contract – private tours only – require our approval before hand and can employ additional charges depending on the added number of kilometers or persons.


Private sales: The booking is confirmed when the client receives written confirmation and the initial deposit, when requested, has been made (warranty, down payment or full payment)

Professional sales: The full payment is requested at least 15 days before the booking date. If the order is confirmed less than 2 weeks before the service, a full payment will be asked immediately.

We accept payments by credit card for all amounts under 2 000€. The invoices above 2 000€ will have to be paid by bank transfer.

All payements, done by credit card or bank transfer, must include all additional bank fees, that remains at the customer’s charge.


Cancellation for small group tours:

  • More than 48 hours before departure: no cancellation fees
  • From 48 hours to 24 hours before departure: 50% cancellation fee
  • Less than 24 hours before departure : 100% cancellation fee

Cancellation for private tours:

  • More than 5 days before service: no cancellation fees
  • From 5 to 2 days before service: 50% cancellation fee
  • Less than 48 hours before service: 100% cancellation fee 

Any cancellation must be made by email or directly on the website.

Please ensure you have the taken out cancellation insurance for your holiday and/or trips. 

In the event of a cancellation from Chemins de Bourgogne, due to « force majeur », the customer may either reschedule the service for a future date or receive a full refund of the amount already paid with no extra compensation.


Private sales: the payment will be handled by the guide in the car on the day of the tour, or on the website, except when an invoice is sent. We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Amex) as well as cash (in euros).

Professional sales: Payment must be made at the reception of the invoice or at least 15 days before the date of service, except when special terms have been agreed by our company.

Chemins de Bourgogne reserves the right to request a deposit or a full payment in advance for services, especially for any activity that requires a down payment from our partners (i.e. car or bus rental, meals for groups over 7people).


Our services are operated with different véhicules depending on the itinerary chosen. Smoking, eating and drinking alcohol onboard is totally forbidden.

Wearing a seat belt is compulsory as stated in French law. Our drivers’ responsibility is engaged during the service. They are required to apply and enforce all current laws and specific clauses for passenger transportation (speed limit, seat belts, baby and child car seats…). Our company reserves the right to interrupt the service in progress or to prevent access to the vehicle should the client not adhere to the security rules or should the client be aggressive-impolite towards other passengers and/or the driver.

Chemins de Bourgogne reserves right to modify without notice the initial program for an equivalent depending on the availability and the cancellations of our own partners. These changes will not give any right to a refund or compensation.

If the weather represents a danger for the people or a risk for our equipment, we reserve rights to cancel any service without advanced notice. Those cancellations give right to a partial or full refund of the service with no extra compensation, based on the extent to which the service was disrupted.

Chemins de Bourgogne cannot be held responsible for:

  • A delay or itinerary change or cancellation due to traffic, weather, force majeure or any other uncontrollable event
  • Accidents of passengers while boarding or leaving the vehicles
  • Any personal belonging lost, left behind, stolen or damaged during the service it is organizing for its clients, either in the vehicles, at the places visited, the restaurants…

Our company can subcontract the execution of a service but remain responsible for its conduct as well as the terms and obligations of the contract.


Chemins de Bourgogne provides a phone number to its clients which must be used to inform us about any changes that can have consequences on the service, including but not limited to : lateness, increase/decrease in the number of customers or any situation that may result in modification of the program… Failure to inform can result in extra fees.

Phone number: +33 6 60 43 68 86

We never give to our clients the private phone number of our drivers/guides in order to respect their private life. They are not entitled to take any decisions about the program.


Chemins de Bourgogne will not communicate / spread / publish or otherwise give away your address or other personal information.  However, through our website, we do collect and analyze information solely for the purpose of providing the best service during your experience.  You may change your subscription settings or to delete it at anytime by emailing us at contact@chemins-de-bourgogne.com.


These terms and conditions apply to any contract between Chemins de Bourgogne and its clients or the company in charge of the organisation of a trip for the final client. Any rThese terms and conditions apply to any contract between Chemins de Bourgogne and its clients or the company in charge of the organisation of a trip for the final client. Any request must be addressed within 30 days after service by letter. After this period, the request won’t be answered. In case of dispute, only the court of the city of Dijon can be approached.


Our responsibility is determined by professional insurance terms and French legislation on public transportation. This insurance is compulsory and covers the people and luggage in the car under conditions. For more information, you can contact our insurance company: ALLIANZ, 12 rue de la Liberté 21140 Semur-en-Auxois, FRANCE.